“UTS” Schedule Gasal 2019-2020 Industrial Engineering Undip Semarang – lecturing is a student process to learn to have the skills and knowledge related to the Work field of industrial engineering. In this learning process, measurement is needed to determine whether the student has the skills and knowledge to be expected in the course. This measurement is carried out through the midterm exam (UTS) and the Final Semester exam (UAS).

At the end of the semester of the handicap will be held a midterm exam (UTS) Handicap 2019-2020. “UTS”begins Wednesday, October 2, 2019, to Friday, October 11, 2019. “UTS” was held in the building of industrial engineering and joint lecture building (GKB) space Industrial Engineering. In the implementation of “UTS” it is expected that each student can prepare as best as possible to the lecture process taught. We can follow the “UTS” rules that have been set.

To support the preparation and implementation of the “UTS”, then the organizer delivered the schedule of “UTS” Gasal 20192020. The “UTS”schedule can be downloaded at the download link below. Hopefully with this good preparation can optimize the ability of students. And there is no less importance of upholding the values of honesty. Because the implementation of “UTS” in essence is to test the learning outcomes of each student individually in the process of lecturing during this time.

Thus the information. Hopefully, it can run smoothly and well. And able to measure student skills and knowledge. So it can contribute to the community. Thanks.


Jadwal UTS Gasal 2019-2020 Teknik Industri Undip