Students Organization

Aside from acquiring education and skills which students acquire from the educational activities, students also need soft skill training in terms of work ethic, personality, and cooperation through the help of students organization. For that reason, Industrial Engineering Department of Undip provides a medium of development for those soft skills through the formation of students organization. The students organizations which lies under Industrial Engineering of Undip include:

A. Industrial Engineering Student Association (HMTI)

Diponegoro University Industrial Engineering Student Association (HMTI UNDIP) is a student executive institution at the department level.

HMTI is divided into 6 areas, namely Scientific Reasoning and Research, Student Resource Development, Student Organization and Welfare, Social Concern, Talent and Interest Development, and Student Creativity Programs. As well as 2 supporting units, namely the Advisory Board of the Association and the Media and Information Unit. With these 6 fields and 2 units, it is expected that HMTI can become a proud organization of channeling student achievement and talent, playing a role in developing student soft skills, providing service, being able to establish relationships both internally and externally, and carrying out Community Service as part of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.

For more information about the Industrial Engineering Student Association can be seen by visiting the HMTI website at

B. Industrial Islamic Community

Industrial Islamic Community is a students agency under HMTI which runs in the field of Islamic education (Rohis). IIC aims to enhance both iman and taqwa of the students of Industrial Engineering.

C. Oikumene Federation of Industrial Engineering Students

Oikumene Federation of Industrial Engineering Students (POMTI) is a students agency under HMTI which runs in the field of students organization for Christian and Catholic students. The aim of the organization is to provide a medium for religion activities for the Christian and Catholic students.

D. Sobat Alam

Sobat Alam is an agency under HMTI which runs in the field of nature and outdoor activities.