Scholarship is a form of financial support given to students in the matter of continuing study. The scholarship system was realized as there are many students with a great passion of education but are being held back by financial reasons. Scholarship was made possible so that these students don’t have to quit college. Scholarship targets students who faces financial difficulties in terms of continuing his/her study.

Scholarship is divided into 2 based on the methods of payment. The first one being partial scholarship. Partial scholarship is a scholarship where it only supports only the tuition fee, not including accommodation fee and allowance. The second one is the full scholarship. Full scholarship is a scholarship where it supports full tuition fees, including accommodation fee and allowance. Scholarship could be given out by the university, government institution, private institution, etc.

There are several scholarships provided within the scope of Undip itself, namely BBM (Student Educational Assist), PPA (Academic Achievement Support), Bidik Misi, Beasiswa Super Semar, and other scholarships from other institutions. For more details regarding the scholarships and its regulations, click on the website of Students Administration Agency (BAK) of Undip below.

[BAK Undip Website]