Semarang – The year 2021 has passed. UNDIP has achieved many achievements. One of them is a tracer study. Tracer Study is one of the methods used by several universities, especially in Indonesia to get feedback from alumni. The feedback obtained from these alumni is needed by universities in their efforts to improve and develop quality and education systems. Not only that, but this feedback can also be useful for mapping the business world and industry so that the gap between the competencies obtained by alumni while studying and the demands of the world of work can be minimized.


The benefits of the Tracer Study are not limited to universities, but can further provide important information about the relationship between the world of higher education and the world of business and industry. Tracer Study can present in-depth and detailed information about work that matches both horizontal (between various fields of science) and vertical (between various levels or strata of education). Thus, the Tracer Study can help overcome the problem of job opportunity gaps and efforts to improve them. For universities, information about competencies that are relevant to the business world and industry can help efforts to improve the curriculum and learning system. On the other hand, the business world and industry can look into universities through the Tracer Study, and thus can prepare themselves by providing more relevant training for new job-seeking scholars. The Tracer Study run by UNDIP received its achievements. There are UNDIP Tracer Study programs that have been running, including:

  1. Development of the Tracer Study system version 2
  2. Mapping the data of questionnaire version 1 into questionnaire version 2
  3. Socialization of Tracer Study to the study program
  4. Formation of a surveyor team
  5. Workshop on improving tracer study achievements through stakeholder networks
  6. Coordination and reporting to the DIKTI Tracer Study team


The results of the UNDIP Tracer Study obtained an average occupancy result of 47% with the Faculty of Economics and Business achieving the highest result of 51%. In its implementation, it is still experiencing obstacles so it has not achieved maximum results. The obstacles experienced include:

  1. Alumni data is not 100% valid
  2. Some data is less valid
  3. Alumni trust is lacking
  4. Information systems and networks are less stable
  5. Not all study programs have sent notifications to alumni
  6. Not all study programs realize the important value of Tracer Study


In 2022, it will be a challenge for UNDIP to improve the quality of tracer study implementation.