“Batik” is a cultural expression that has a symbolic meaning and high aesthetic value for the people of Indonesia. “Batik” is a picture cloth that is made in particular by writing or the night in the fabric, then the processing is processed in a certain way that has uniqueness. This beautiful uniqueness is one of the characters of the Indonesian character that distinguishes us from the other nation so that it can become the identity of the nation. “Batik”is also an artwork of Nusantara that has been recognized by UNESCO and recognized as a very effective culture since October 2, 2009.

“Batik”which is a wealth of Indonesian culture has faded because some people consider that “Batik” dressing is identical to ancient culture, especially among teenagers. However, as the time goes by “Batik” designers create innovations and creativity to create a new Indonesian “Batik” style, the goal is to allow Indonesian teenagers to wear “Batik”and preserve in their lives, not only worn when Official and formal events, but can be worn in everyday life.

To make the community more loving and preserving the cultural richness of the nation, we provide the means through the event “Batik in Campus” as one of the coachings to realize the value of “Batik” is better.



“Batik” In Campus 2019 is held on Saturday, October 19, 2019, in the building of Prof. Soedarto. The activities were attended by students of PTN and PTS as well as the general public. Various activities are available at “Batik” In Campus 2019, among others, national “Batik” design Competition, “Batik” Princess selection of Central Java campus 2019, Workshop and SMEs Expo.

“Batik” Design competition that carries the theme of love Indonesia. The race stage is registration, file collection (Design and product description), initial selection, and 5 major presentations (designs, prototypes, and product descriptions) to be determined by the winner.

The event of “Batik” Princess selection as the Ambassador of Youth in Indonesia, especially Central Java, which can represent “Batik” well and introduce it to the wider community. The elections include personality interviews and insights on “Batik”, to meet the elements of Behaviour, Brain, and Beauty. The selection of Princess “Batik” itself is divided into several stages, namely registration, file collection requirements, interviews, photoshoot, selection of 20 great, and the final selection of “Batik” campus 2019.

Each participant will get material about the types, characteristics, and techniques of “Batik” from a skilled speaker, and can practice the process of making simple “Batik” directly guided by the instructor who has provided the Committee. The result of the “Batik” process will be a hand for the participants. SMEs Expo is a bazaar or exhibition that presents a variety of various SMEs booths with a variety of industrial sectors or business types from various circles of both the students and the general public around.

The winner of the “Batik” Princess was won by Shania Egy Andrenny from Undip Law faculty. The event was held in Java Mall in collaboration with the National Standardization Agency (BSN).