Sugihmanik Village, Tanggungharjo District is one of the villages in the Grobogan area. The lack of awareness of health and economic conditions causes most of its citizens to not make preventive efforts to prevent disease. People do treatment when they have fallen ill. Healthy living is one of the important elements in efforts to improve the Indonesia Development Index which is determined by environmental conditions and people’s behavior. A healthy community is the beginning of the realization of a Healthy and Prosperous Village, one of the indicators of sustainable development. Increasing knowledge can be done by conducting counseling. Sugihmanik Village only has one health facility and the location of the Community Health Center is about 1 km away. The majority of residents seek treatment if the symptoms of the disease are severe. This happens due to the lack of knowledge of citizens about healthy living.

The Community Service Team has conducted free health checks and counseling on balanced nutrition patterns that are closely related to a healthy lifestyle. Diet greatly affects the appearance of the disease. The service has been carried out and has been able to get support from the local community, both from the local government through the support of the local Community Health Center, al Falah clinic, and many people who are willing to become participants. This activity is expected to increase awareness of the people of Sugihmanik Village and be able to understand the importance of a clean and healthy lifestyle so that in the future it can lead to a Healthy and Prosperous Village.