Semarang – Located in the theater room on the 4th floor of the Deane of Engineering Building, the Department of Industrial Engineering held an activity “Obe Refreshment 2022”. The activity which was held on Wednesday, January 26, 2022, was attended by lecturers teaching lectures at the Department of Industrial Engineering, the activity was filled with presentations of OBE 2022 material and questions and answers. The presentation was filled by the Head of the Industrial Engineering S1 Study Program, namely Dr. Singgih Saptadi.

In his presentation, OBE (Outcome Based Education) is an educational process that focuses on achieving concrete outcomes that have been determined. The expected results are in the form of knowledge, skills, or attitudes shown by students when completing the learning process. To achieve such expected results requires a strategy in the educational process. These strategies include curriculum restructuring, planning, implementation, assessment, and reporting of learning activities. All learning materials, material organization, learning methods, and processes, as well as assessments designed, are aimed at shaping these outcomes. Dr. Singgih Saptadi said that this OBE is also prepared for iABEE 2024. In its preparation, RPS is needed in the form of:

  1. CPL-MK Mapping and CPMK Determination
  2. Course Learning Outcome Assessment Planning (CPMK Measurement): CPMK Measurement Questions and Rubrics
  3. Teaching-Learning Activity Planning

This activity, which lasts for 3 hours, is carried out with a hybrid system. Where the participants of the activity followed online and offline in the theater room. The activity took place with great enthusiasm from the teaching lecturers. This can be seen from the responses and questions submitted in the question and answer session.