Undip Industrial Engineering Anniversary 2023 (1)

Semarang – February 23, 2023 marks 25 years of Industrial Engineering working in the world of higher education. In order to celebrate its 25th year, Undip Industrial Engineering held a series of anniversary activities. The anniversary itself was assisted by HMTI as the organizing committee for the activity.

Morning Exercise Together

The first series of activities is morning exercise together. This exercise is carried out on the front page of Undip Industrial Engineering. All Undip Industrial Engineering lecturers, staff, and students participated in this activity. In addition, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Agung, also participated in the morning exercise. The morning exercise is guided by a gymnastic instructor.

This activity went smoothly even though the weather was still cloudy after the rain. Participants who attended filled the front page of Undip Industrial Engineering. Exercise begins with a warm-up, main movement, and cool-down to close the exercise together. All participants were enthusiastic in participating in joint exercise. During the cooler, raindrops began to appear so that all participants entered the Undip Industrial Engineering building.

The activity continued with breakfast of meat soup. Lecturers, employees, and students gathered in the lobby of the building to enjoy beef soup. At this event, as many as 300 portions of beef soup were provided. A beef soup dish with warm gravy is perfect for consumption when it’s raining. This joint breakfast adds to the togetherness of the Undip Industrial Engineering family.

Tumpeng Rice Cutting

The next activity is cutting the rice cone. The cutting of the rice cone is a symbol of gratitude and gratitude for the grace given by God during the 25 years of Undip’s Industrial Engineering journey. Apart from that, it is also a symbol of hope for the future, namely achieving the vision and mission of Undip Industrial Engineering.

The 3 founders of Undip Industrial Engineering who cut the rice cone were Mr. Haryo, Mr. Bambang and Mr. Heru and the Head of the Department, Mrs. Ratna. The first cutting was done by Mr. Haryo. This piece of tumpeng rice was given to Mrs. Farah as the youngest lecturer in Undip Industrial Engineering. This handover is a symbolic form of regeneration within the Undip Industrial Engineering family.

The second tumpeng rice cutting was carried out by Mr. Bambang. This piece of tumpeng rice was given to Mas Adi as a representative for Masters students. Then the cutting of the third tumpeng was carried out by Mr. Heru. This piece of tumpeng rice was given to Mas Gandhi as a representative for undergraduate students. The third cone of rice was cut by Mrs. Ratna. This piece of tumpeng rice was given to Mr. Sunardi as one of the employees who participated in building the Undip Industrial Engineering from scratch.

Such is the activity of cutting the tumpeng as a form of gratitude for the gift that has been given. Hopefully it will strengthen the Undip Industrial Engineering family ties. Compact IT! Great IT! IT Jaya!