Hi, Industrials!! 👋

Here are some importants for you! For Universitas Diponegoro’s Students, especially for the graduated students that got graduated on 2022/2023 School Year Period (Max. 15 of August 2022) whom already paid the odd semester tuition fees, now were able to do refundations for the tuition fees. Check out the informations below!

📌 The Requirements for Tuition Fees Refundations :
1. Propose the tuition fees refundation application letter (which can be downloaded at https://bit.ly/SuratPermohonanPengembalianBiayaPendidikan) that have already being signed by the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and was addressed for Vice Rector for Resources.
a) Legalized SKL which is signed by Dean of Faculty of Engineering/Vice Dean of Faculty of Engineering I/Vice Dean of Faculty of Engineering II
b) A copy of Student ID Card
c) A copy of the proof of payment
d) A copy of student’s savings account book with the student itself as the savingholder

2. The tuition fees application letter and it’s attachments later on being uploaded by students through the SSO web of each student’s.

📌 The verifications and agreements of the tuition fee approach letters will be handled through the Head/Supervisor of Finance and Personnel Subdivision via the SSO

🗓️ The deadline to upload the files will be at : 31th of August 2022

⏩ For further informations of tuition fees please visit : https://bit.ly/PengembalianUKTSemesterGasal2022

📞 Contact Person : http://line.me/ti/p/~rheena2110 (najwa)