The Industrial Engineering  of Diponegoro University is one of the s within the engineering faculty in Diponegoro University. Industrial Engineering of Undip is also one of the advanced engineering in Diponegoro University. Industrial Engineering is a  that has a certain characteristics of being a combination of both engineering and management world. The reason is because in the study of Industrial Engineering, we focus on the management of the elements that is normally found within the world of industry such as engine compartments, man, raw materials, production systems, etc. Industrial Engineering properly integrates planning, organizing, operating, and also the handling of a complex industrial or productional system which also includes the components of man, material, engine, other production facilities, energy, fund and information.

Officially founded since February 23 based on Directorate General of Higher Education DecreeNo. 50 /DIKTI/KEP.1998 dated February 23, 1998,today the Industrial Engineering  have a total of 600 students and 22 lecturers. The Industrial Engineering  is divided into two departments, which are the Undergraduate Program (S1) Industrial Engineering and Graduate (S2) Industrial Engineering and Management.

In the year 2017, the Undergraduate Program (S1) Industrial Engineering of Diponegoro University has successfully maintained the A accreditation rating with SK BAN-PT Nomor: 4215/ SK/ BAN-PT/ Akred/ S/ XI/ 2017 and will always be committed to develop human resources with a high capability of both science and technology while also having a strong independence, which will be able to fulfill the requirements of the competitive job markets in the Industrial Engineering and Managemet field.