Journal J@ti issue of May 2019 Published

Journal J@ti issue of May 2019 has been published. In this edition, it presents 8 articles from the Writers of Bandung Institute of Technology,...

Campus Garden Increases the Breeze of Learning Atmosphere in Campus

Semarang, January 10th, 2020 on Friday, the director, lecturers, employees, and students had a joint activity in gymnastic and trees plantation in...

With the Ministry of PANRB, Undip Becomes Host of Lapor! Goes to Campus

The Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) through the Deputy for Public Services held a REPORT! Goes to Campus event. For the...


Schedule of Middle Semester Exam 2019-2020 UNDIP Industrial Engineering

"UTS" Schedule Gasal 2019-2020 Industrial Engineering Undip Semarang – lecturing is a student process to learn to have the skills and knowledge...

“Batik” in Campus 2019

"Batik" is a cultural expression that has a symbolic meaning and high aesthetic value for the people of Indonesia. "Batik" is a picture cloth that...

Visiting Company S-2 Engineering & UNDIP Industry Management

Visiting Company S-2 Engineering and UNDIP Industry Management Semarang-October 17, 2019, Student of S2 Engineering and Industrial Management...


Career Opportunity PT. Rigid Maju Bersama

Rigid Maju Bersama is the first company in manufacturing Rigid PVC Film in East Java, Indonesia. The company manufactures various types of Rigid PVC...

UNDIP Held Workshop to Strengthen Alumni Networks in Jakarta

Diponegoro University was holding a Workshop on Strengthening Alumni Network of Diponegoro University in the Context of reaching the World Class...

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Dr. Ratna Purwaningsih, ST, MT

Kepala Departemen Teknik Industri

Dr. Singgih Saptadi, ST, MT

Ketua Prodi S1 Teknik Industri

Dr. Purnawan Adi Wicaksono, ST, MT

Sekretaris Prodi S1 Teknik Industri

Dr. rer. Oec. Arfan Bakhtiar, ST, MT

Ketua Prodi S2 Teknik dan Manajemen Industri

Prof. Dr. Aries Susanty, ST, MT

Sekretaris Prodi S2 Teknik dan Manajemen Industri